SoundPost Hand Controller Instructions

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Battery installation and Unit Maintenance

? Use only non-rechargeable 1.5 volt heavy duty AAA alkaline batteries of a reputable brand name, such as Duracell, Energizer, Eveready, Sanyo or Varta.
? Slide battery cover towards back of unit
? Place each battery with negative end (flat end) against angled metal plate, pushing in slightly to fit.
? Slide battery cover back into place.
? Wipe down unit with clean dry cloth and use damp cloth to clean front lens.
? Store in a cool dry place when not in use.
? Avoid placing in bags or containers that have other things in them that may cause the unit to turn on.
? Do not expose to direct rainfall.

Basic Operation

Button 1 is the large round button on top of unit close to front lens.
Button 2 is small and round and can be found half way down top of unit in the middle.

Turning On / Off

To turn unit on, press and hold down button 1 until unit either vibrates or makes a sound, then let go.
To turn unit off, press and hold button 1. Unit will notify that unit is switching off.
Unit will automatically switch off 10 minutes after last base station connection.
To check if unit is on or off press button 2. If no sound is heard, hand controller is off.
To change operation between vibrate and sound mode, turn unit off and turn back on but continue to hold down button 1. The unit will cycle between vibrate and beep options. Let go when desired option is current. Unit will remember this next time it is turned on.


Ensure lens is pointing straight ahead horizontal to the ground.
Swing arm slowly from side to side in cane sweep motion, ensuring lens remains pointing forward and not at ground or sky. When base station is located unit will beep or vibrate.
Once base station is located, turn so chest is towards signal. Keep hand controller still, pointing straight ahead. Swing shoulders to left and right until signal stops on either side. Determine middle point between both sides and move in that direction.
If signal is lost, backtrack a couple of steps, relocate base station and repeat.
We recommend practising a few times before permanent placement of base stations.

Programming Base Stations

Base Stations can be individually coded with 1 of over 180 different codes A full list is available at
? Remove and reinsert batteries into SoundPost Base Station (see Base Station instructions for details).
? Remain within 4 metre range. Turn on Hand Controller, point towards Base Station and press and hold Button 1 and button 2 simultaneously.
? Base Station remains responsive to programming for up to 30 seconds from battery insertion.
? Once in “Service Mode” press and release Button 1 to move up list. Press and release Button 2 to move down list.
? Press and hold Button 1 to enter sub menu.
? Press Button 1 and Button 2 simultaneously to move out of sub menu or out of service mode.
? Once desired option is found press and hold Button 2 whilst pointing at Base Station.

Warranty & Compliance

This SoundPost hand Controller is supplied with a 12 month non-transferable end user warranty. In the unlikely event that this unit should fail within the warranty period please contact Povidi NZ via email - or use the “Contact Us” link of the Povidi website ( to arrange repair / replacement.
Important Note:
Damage due to misuse or abuse is not covered by this warranty.


Relevant documentation can be supplied on request.
End of Instructions.

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