Accessibility Statement

This web site has been designed with accessibility in mind, and we believe that the site meets W3C web accessibility standards. The following accessibility features can be found and used:

  • Differing colour schemes are made available that will automatically alter the look of the site, and each can be quickly and easily applied.
  • The site has been tested with personalized custom style sheets and is fully compliant with this form of accessibility.
  • The web site has been designed to deal with magnification and lower resolution screens. Your browser offers levels of magnification for you to choose from and the web site will be properly rendered. You can always try holding down the CTRL key and moving your mouse wheel to set a level of magnification you prefer.
  • Shortcut keys are made available for commonly used links. These can be found by listening to your screen reader or placing the mouse over the link and the shortcut key will be displayed.
  • The site has been fully tested and is screen reader friendly.
  • No sound is used on this site.
Please contact us if you find any particular area of this website to be an issue. Povidi is committed to the long term accessibility of the web and are always open to feedback.