Worlds First SoundPost Urban Installation

Photo of the old Christchurch Post Office on the west side of the square

On October 15 2009 the Cultural Precinct within the heart of Christchurch, New Zealand formally opened the world's first installation of the SoundPost Orientation System with base stations placed throughout the precinct, removing yet another accessibility barrier for the local blind citizens and visitors to the "Garden City".

Many of the City's important landmarks lie within the precinct and the Christchurch Square at the heart of the city has been a very difficult open space for the blind and visually impaired. SoundPosts can be found here and at many of the importanct and popular city landmarks from here all the way down Worcester Boulevard to the museum at the end of the boulevard.
The following link describes where all the Base Stations can be found and is described with the blind SoundPost user in mind with all descriptions done in a manner to make finding the base stations as simple as possible.

The following resources can be used to find out more about the installation, both from this site as well as external sources.

Picture along Worcester Boulevard outside the arts centre