SoundPost Features and Information.

Made up of a hand controller and base station the system is used to accurately find and move to a given landmark up to 30 metres (90 feet) away. You can Download or read a PDF, or Watch a video.

A small independent trial has been undertaken at the University of Canterbury which proves the utility to a blind citizen, the impact for O&M instructors, the benefits to other supporting agencies and how open public space can be made significantly more accessible. The report is available on request, simply contact us.

The SoundPost is an orientation device and though can be used for simple navigation, is intended to help a blind person move from anywhere in open space to a given point. For example many commercial environments have a car-park out in front of the main entrance and the SoundPost is designed to allow someone to move from the sidewalk to the entrance of the building, and once entered to find where the information counter, or elevators are.

SoundPost has been designed from the very start with the blind person in mind, whilst still considering the needs of other base station purchasers. Simplicity of use, easy installation, very low maintenance, and a low price makes this product truly revolutionary for blind accessibility.

SoundPost Hand ControllerPhotograph of Hand controller

  • Very simple to use, with a 3 minute training requirement for most people.
  • Provides accurate location of base stations up to 30 metres away. Simply swing from side to side, locate a base station and follow the signal.
  • Used by both cane and dog travellers.
  • Either audible beep or vibrate signal option.
  • Standard AAA batteries easy to change.
  • Excellent battery life, with low battery indication which gives you time to complete your journey.
  • Just the right size to fit in pocket or purse, but not so small as to easily lose.
  • Automatic off after 10 minutes.
  • Inset buttons to avoid accidental button press.
  • Wrist or neck strap attachment option.
  • Stylish yet unobtrusive in molded durable black plastic.
  • 12 month warranty and 7+ years expected life span.

SoundPost Base stationPhoto of a Base Station

  • Small unobtrusive and easy to erect, no screws required.
  • Permanent or portable (non-damaging) placement.
  • Mains or battery powered option with up to 12 months of battery life.
  • Can be placed on any flat surface and the head rotated to point in the appropriate direction, giving a accurate beam signal for hand controller use.
  • Programmable with 1 of 180+ language independent international standard signage codes for unique identification within an environment.
  • Can be placed in-doors or in sheltered outdoor situations.
  • 30 or 15 metre distance options.
  • 12 month warranty and expected life of 7+ years.
The SoundPost Base Station is a very affordable mechanism for improved building accessibility (2 4 units usually suffice for small commercial environments).

For further information about the system, or to find out if the SoundPost is available in your region please use the contact page and a representative will then be in touch.