SoundPosts within the Cultural Precinct

This page describes, both in words and with some photos the layout of all the SoundPost Base Stations in and around the Cultural Precinct here in Christchurch, New Zealand.
The description is layed out in sections separated by headings for easy navigation.

Cathedral Square

North South Crossing

Pole with Soundpost at north end of square Starting at the zebra crossing into the north end of the square from Colombo Street a pole can be found diagonally to your left as you leave the crossing. Once at the pole head south and a second pole can be found about 30 metres further on (Base stations are on the north and south side of the poles so you can find your way in both directions). Once at the second pole, keep heading south, using the drain grill as a guide to cross the 100m to the other side.

Try using your hand controller pointing to the left of you as you move and you will find the entrance to the cathedral which is a base station placed on a pole, 2 metres in front and a couple of metres to the left of the entrance itself. Photo of pole with soundpost outside front of cathedral On the right side as you walk you will find another Base station that points out the steps down to the west of the square and the large chess board.
Before you hit the end of the grilling on the drain you should pick up another signal (which says "South") which is the second to last pole you need to find. Keep heading south, past this pole and you will find the last pole which is about 20 metres away from the corner of Colombo and Hereford. There you go, you have just crossed north south across the square! Base Stations are on both the north and south side of the poles, so you should be able to do the same in reverse and head north across the square.

West Side

In the south west corner of the square are the public toilets and now you can find them and with the use of the small button on your hand controller tell which entrance is the Men's and which the Women's.

View of visitors centre 30 metres away from west steps By coming up Worcester Boulevard you can enter the square by turning right at the end of the shops and go up 5 - 6 steps. Swing your hand controller diagonally to the left and you will find the entrance to the information centre. Once inside another Base Station will lead you to the information counter. A final base station can be located as you leave the information centre that leads you back to the steps and Worcester Boulevard.

If however you continue to walk along the Boulevard with the tram on your left and the square to your right, you will find another base station on a pole a couple of metres back from the tram stop. Still further on yet another which leads you into the police kiosk and then finally you will find the pole at the north entrance of the square (Colombo Street).

Worcester Boulevard

heading west from the square down the boulevard, after using the zeabra to cross Oxford Street, you will find the entrance to "Our City O-Tautahi" on your right (it is an exhibition space on the other side of the tram tracks). Up over the river and sticking to the south side of the road you will find that the street crossing pole in order to cross Durham Street has a base station on it, which should make it a lot easier to find. The same on the other side (west) of the Durham crossing, which is a God send, it is a very difficult pole to find as it is well out of alignment to your left as you walk towards the square.
The south side crossing poles at Montreal Street and Worcester Boulevard also have base stations which should make this journey a lot simpler. Just before Montreal Street, you will pass the Art Gallery which has a base station on this side of the building as well as others described later.

The Arts Centre

West end of Worcester Boulevard near Arts Centre Main Entrance. Having crossed Montreal Street, walking west along the Boulevard, the Christchurch Art's Centre will be on your left. Pointing your hand controller forward you will find a base station about 40 - 50 metres on. This is the entrance way to the Court Theatre. Turn left up the wide path and within 5 - 10 metres you should pick up a signal that leads you to the door to the theatre itself.
Further on down the boulevard you will find another signal, this time it will say "Entrance". Turn directly left and you will be facing the main entrance to the Centre. Walk through the building and 90 degrees to your right is the Great Hall and a little more to the left the toilets, both with Base Stations. The entrance to the Great Hall is about a metre to the right of the base station as we could not place above the door due to the heritage value of the building itself.
The main entrance and Court Theatre entrance have base stations pointing both east and west so you can find both no matter which way you are heading.
Looking at Great Hall Entrance 20 metres away while inside the Arts Centre

West End of Worcester Boulevard

View of the Museum Entrance from the zebra crossing At the end of Worcester Boulevard, cross Rolleston Avenue at the zebra crossing and diagonally to your left you should find a base station signal that leads you to the front entrance to the museum about 30 metres away. to the left of this signal, hopefully will be another (we are still working this one through) that is the main entrance to the botanic gardens and the McDougall Art Gallery.

Christchurch Art Gallery

Looking at the main door of the Art Gallery, very difficult to find it among all the glass! The Art Gallery has 3 entrances with base stations, the main entrance (which is still a little difficult to find), Worcester Boulevard and Gloucester Street. The main entrance and Gloucester also have base stations on the inside of these entrances leading you back outside. In addition the toilets and information counter have base stations above them. The toilets are in the middle of the front part of the building and the information counter towards the southern end.

Central Library

Looking at and using hand controller to find front entrance to central library. On the corner of Oxford and Gloucester Street (entrance on Gloucester), is the Christchurch Central Library. Five base stations have been placed here to make the library more accessible. The entrance (and exit) are the first you will find and the base stations have been placed to help you through the security gatesOnce past the gates you should find another base station pretty much in front of you, that is the information counter and the circulation desk, to the right, also has a base station above it. Down the corridor diagonally to your right you will find a base station on the left which is the toilets.
The information counter inside the library

Canterbury Provincial Council Building

on Durham Street between Gloucester and Armagh on the east side can be found the old Canterbury Provincial Council Buildings (The smells of old wood and stone are fantastic), and the entrance has base stations above it. Once inside the corridor to your left leads to the toilets which have base stations above them.

Coca Centre of Contemporary Art

The entry to COCA - Centre of Contemparary Art Just a stone throws east of the Christchurch Art Gallery entrance on Gloucester Street, the entrance to Coca has base stations pointing both east and west up the footpath. Once inside the foyer is very small and so no base station has been placed here, the infomation counter is on the left wall.