SoundPost Base Station Instructions

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Battery Installation & Unit Maintenance

Use only good quality Heavy Duty 1.5 volt AA alkaline batteries.
Change batteries every 6 – 12 months dependant upon usage and environmental temperatures.
Unscrew Base Station Head anti-clockwise and remove from Base Station.
Place batteries in battery container putting negative end (flat end of battery) into spring.
Once all batteries are inserted the visible red LED light will blink. Base Station enters “Service Mode” for 30 seconds before becoming active.
Base Station can now be programmed with unique ID.
Screw head back into container seal firmly but not over tight.
Clean front lens with damp cloth.
Reposition head if required.

Placement & Usage

Base Station can be permanently placed on clean flat surface of wood, metal, glass or masonry.
The higher the Base Station is placed (3 – 5 metres) the better the performance.
Ensure unit is placed out of direct rain or snow (sheltered outdoor).
Ensure surface is free of oil, grease and dust.
Use water and clean surface THOROUGHLY.
Ensure surface is dry.
Apply on surface when temperatures are between 0 ºC and 30 ºC (27ºF - 86 ºF)
Remove adhesive tape cover and push onto base plate holding firmly in place for 20 seconds.
Rotate and point head of unit towards point of travel.
Ensure line from centre of lens to ground is no more than 30 metres away.
To remove, use large knife and slice behind base plate.
Replacement adhesive tape is 3M VHB tape 5962.
De-power unit in order to change Base Station unique ID (See SoundPost Hand Controller instructions for programming)
Solid Visible red LED light in lens indicates signals are being transmitted to hand controller.
Blinking LED indicates low battery. Base Station also sends this information to hand controller.
For short distance use, point head of unit towards ground at furthest required distance, ensuring at least 1m (3ft) distance from this point on ground to any adjacent walls

Temporary Placement

Base Stations can be placed for short periods (3 – 5 days) using 3M Bathroom Command Strips (3M code 17605B).
Use tapes for 1kg (2lbs).
Use only on painted clean surfaces in very sheltered places, and clean surface as for permanent placement.
Use 3M instructions for removal.
Povidi will not warranty product that has fallen due to placement with any adhesion other than that supplied.

Mains (AC) Connection

Connection of SoundPost Base Station to mains power MUST be undertaken by authorised registered electrician.
Mains connection requires 6V DC Power adapter and electrical terminal block.
Ensure Base Station is programmed with appropriate locator code prior to mains connectivity.
Drill hole in back of Base Station plastic, behind where batteries sit, large enough for 6V side cable. Use rubber grommet for sealing in damp environments.
Feed wire through and attach to terminal block. Snip battery wires and connect to terminal block ( + to + and – to - ).
Place terminal block in empty battery compartment and pull excess wire back through drilled hole.
Screw head back on and adjust for appropriate direction.
Attach AC side of 6V transformer to mains.


This SoundPost Base Station is supplied with a 12 month non-transferable end user warranty. In the unlikely event that this Base Station should fail within the warranty period please contact Povidi NZ via email - or use the “Contact Us” link of the Povidi website ( to arrange repair / replacement.
Important Note:
Damage due to misuse, abuse or failing to strictly follow the placement instructions, is not covered by this warranty. Adhesion connection to surfaces is warranted using the supplied 3M VHB tape 5962. All other surface connection methods are done so at owners risk.


Relevant documentation can be supplied on request.
End of Instructions.

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