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Title: Freddie Highmore's Gay Kissing Scene in BBC's "Toast"
Youtube URL:
Uploader: Freddie Marsh
Description: Freddie Highmore portrays Nigel Slater in the BBC drama Toast. This is the scene where he kisses Stuart.
Duration: 0 Minutes and 45 Seconds
Category: Entertainment
Rating: 4.4489627
Views: 536737


  • Author: xXBlackxPawsXx
    Comment: I want to marry him at the same time i want him kissing with that dude. Again! Fffff height difference man! I will so fangirl on this for life
  • Author: Michael Hubbard
    Comment:! Lol
  • Author: Consolatrix4
    Comment: That is beatiful. I want a boyfriend. 
  • Author: Eduardo Franco Rondina
    Comment: He has been always one of the most appreciated young actor to me...
  • Author: seagull bird
  • Author: Star Light
    Comment: Freddie>my life
  • Author: Dannasuver
    Comment: OMG JKDSHLDFJLGKJ *_* my felings!!! x_x <3333333333
  • Author: Griffin Undertaker
    Comment: I was watching this movie with my mom and then this came on and she was like "Oh my god so gay!' and my dad looked over and said "Disgusting" and then I said "Friggin' homophobes" In truth I find their disgust to be disgusting. Let people love each other and stop being a goddamn homophobe.
  • Author: Kangelsy Mellark
    Comment: I'm proud that Freddie is a good actor. Tho I'm not against gays. Nothing wrong with it anyways. 
  • Author: nadia Recalde
    Comment: Ahhhhhhh :( 
  • Author: madison venegas
    Comment: i think this scene is freakin hot tbh. i love freddie so much <3
  • Author: OchentaYSiete PuntoTres
    Comment: As a good
  • Author: Mari Pera
    Comment: This is too fucking cute. 
  • Author: Honey Venice
    Comment: Cute. Cute. Cute. Cute.
  • Author: rainbow colourful
    Comment: But freddie is cute :( Now i see this now i feel :(PDMSN)(
  • Author: Vasia LP
    Comment: So awkward lol!! But They're so f*cking cute >///< I love Freddie!! Aww.... I can't stop blushing ☺️
  • Author: Redoan Hossain
    Comment: What the hell !! i was a big fan of him !!
  • Author: Noche Vampírica
    Comment: Gay o psicópata, lo adoro igual <3
  • Author: Purple Piano
    Comment: Damn, I wanna kiss Freddie too
  • Author: PKPaula23
    Comment: Damn, I ship them.
  • Author: Cristina Martinez
    Comment: this reminds me of harry and louis tbh
  • Author: Till Hissing
    Comment: У меня встал
  • Author: Betta Franka
    Comment: Oh my god, that was cute!!
  • Author: Kitty Kat
    Comment: How many of you squealed >.<
  • Author: roryfitzpatric
    Comment: HOLY FUCK THAT GUYS LUCKY I wish I could kiss Freddie ;)
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