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Title: Freddie Highmore's Gay Kissing Scene in BBC's "Toast"
Youtube URL:
Uploader: Freddie Marsh
Description: Freddie Highmore portrays Nigel Slater in the BBC drama Toast. This is the scene where he kisses Stuart.
Duration: 0 Minutes and 45 Seconds
Category: Entertainment
Rating: 4.429081
Views: 513247


  • Author: Geraldiine Quiroz
    Comment: OMG! shfkjsdhkjf
  • Author: TeaCub
    Comment: I really love the height difference between the two of them; it somehow makes the scene even more tender and creates a kind of feeling of safety and trust, which is what every kiss should be. <3
  • Author: Rachel Garver
  • Author: vida0video
    Comment: damn norman/charlie/simon etc. that was hott :D
  • Author: j dip
    Comment: you're*.. now that we've established your atrocious grammar.. I'd like to point out that you have absolutely no clue what you are talking about. Sure, I believe that it is genetic.. but who are you to tell me that? You're not a geneticist. And no... bisexuals are NOT the reason people don't like gays.. it's dumb ass-fucks like yourself who aren't accepting enough to realize that sexuality is fluid.. I know what I get turned on by.. and I can get turned on by either sex if they're coming on to me
  • Author: angelpurple2000
    Comment: Yeah, it's so evil to kiss a man. Its much better to kill, that wouldn't been a problem :D
  • Author: Michael Hubbard
    Comment:! Lol
  • Author: Faraaz Kasim
    Comment: He's smoking hot. 
  • Author: AHtheOne
    Comment: Wow I watched this entire movie 2 times and in both times i didn't see any of this, I can't believe they canceled this scene cuz it was gay, even though the same tv channel shows lots of explicit scenes with naked girls and men having sex, I guess a little cute gay kiss has much more damage on the kids then straight porn ...
  • Author: Jasmin Marin
    Comment: Hi
  • Author: nadia Recalde
    Comment: Ahhhhhhh :( 
  • Author: Tamara Kaulitz
    Comment: Awwww cute!
  • Author: Dani Nauschuetz
    Comment: NO PUEDO SUPERAR ESTO, no puede ser tan perfecto. Fuera todo el mundo, déjenme morir en paz. 
  • Author: Eduardo Franco Rondina
    Comment: He has been always one of the most appreciated young actor to me...
  • Author: Kangelsy Mellark
    Comment: I'm proud that Freddie is a good actor. Tho I'm not against gays. Nothing wrong with it anyways. 
  • Author: xXBlackxPawsXx
    Comment: I want to marry him at the same time i want him kissing with that dude. Again! Fffff height difference man! I will so fangirl on this for life
  • Author: OchentaYSiete PuntoTres
    Comment: As a good
  • Author: Star Light
    Comment: Freddie>my life
  • Author: Honey Venice
    Comment: Cute. Cute. Cute. Cute.
  • Author: Dannasuver
    Comment: OMG JKDSHLDFJLGKJ *_* my felings!!! x_x <3333333333
  • Author: Mari Pera
    Comment: This is too fucking cute. 
  • Author: madison venegas
    Comment: i think this scene is freakin hot tbh. i love freddie so much <3
  • Author: Vasia LP
    Comment: So awkward lol!! But They're so f*cking cute >///< I love Freddie!! Aww.... I can't stop blushing ☺️
  • Author: Griffin Undertaker
    Comment: I was watching this movie with my mom and then this came on and she was like "Oh my god so gay!' and my dad looked over and said "Disgusting" and then I said "Friggin' homophobes" In truth I find their disgust to be disgusting. Let people love each other and stop being a goddamn homophobe.
  • Author: Cristina Martinez
    Comment: this reminds me of harry and louis tbh
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