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Title: Refrigerator Repair - Replacing the Evaporator Fan Motor (GE Part # WR60X10185)
Youtube URL:
Uploader: PartSelect
Description: Click here for more information on this part, installation instructions and more. This particular Evaporator Fan Motor is specific to GE manufactured brands including General Electric, Hotpoint, and Kenmore. To find an evaporator fan blade specific to your model, visit If your refrigerator is having any of these symptoms, then replacing the evaporator fan motor could solve your appliance problem. 1) Fridge and/or freezer section is too warm 2) Evaporator Fan is loud or makes a lot of noise PartSelect Part Number: PS1019114 Whirlpool Part Number: WR60X10185 Tools used for this repair/replacement: 1) ¼ inch Nut driver 2) ¼ inch Ratchet with ¼ inch Socket 3) Small Flat Blade Screw Get model-specific repair help from Learn how to troubleshoot, diagnose and repair your appliance with user-generated installation instructions, hundreds of step-by-step repair videos, and our Instant Repairman. If you've got an appliance problem, we can help
Duration: 16 Minutes and 9 Seconds
Category: Howto
Rating: 4.7024794
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  • Author: PartSelect
    Comment: If you can provide your model number and any more details, I can be a better help at troubleshooting with you. Thanks!
  • Author: Terry Callender
    Comment: Thanks for the suggestion. The ice maker works great. With just my wife and me here, it is full most of the time. We had suspected the door flap might have a gap in it, so I'd checked it visually and with a flashlight to see if I could detect any light penetration. I didn't detect a gap. As a precaution, I just wiped it out really well with a paper towel to make sure something isn't adhered to the rim. I'll let you know if I see a change. Thanks, again!
  • Author: animi504
    Comment: No thank you for the vid!!!! :D
  • Author: PartSelect
    Comment: Hi Terry, No problem at all! Please let me know if you need further help in diagnosing this issue. Cheers.
  • Author: Lawrence Comerford
    Comment: do you replace grommets?
  • Author: PartSelect
    Comment: Hi Terry, Sorry to hear about this problem with your freezer! Is the ice maker still functioning? It sounds like the ice maker door may not be closing properly/all the way - you should inspect the brackets and door hinge on that, if you haven't already. Hope that helps!
  • Author: PartSelect
    Comment: I would test the fan and the motor to start and if it's faulty then replace it. If the fan checks out okay then look at the defrost thermostat, temperature sensors and the timer and make sure they are all working correctly.
  • Author: Sanjay Gupta
    Comment: I have gsc23lsrcss ( GE) brand. I was unable to take out FAN Assembly out from Freezer section. I have taken out most of assembly out like ICE maker etc. It looks like Plastic Box where FAN motor is hiding inside in, It looks upper part of plastic pannel is kind of Glued. I am calling Mechanic tomorrow to replace FAN.
  • Author: PartSelect
    Comment: @Lawrence Comerford The grommets and the thermostat both can be replaced if they are defective. What symptoms is your fridge having? If you can provide your model number I can help you diagnose the fridge's problem. Also, you can enter in your fridge's model number on our website's Instant Repairman search bar. It will help you diagnose and locate the correct parts. I'll also email you this information.
  • Author: jramon montes
    Comment: thanks for your videos
  • Author: Marcia Crawley
    Comment: Hi Steve - I find your video helpful but can't determine how to remove the fan motor on my GE profile that has the freezer on the bottom. Can you help me sort that out?
  • Author: bELIeveBigBlue
    Comment: I have a GE Side by Side Refridgerator (#GSS20IEPH BB). The refridgerator and freezer keep getting warm. A week ago I took the back panel off of the freezer and found the coils completely frozen over. I unthawed them and everything went back to normal. A few days ago I realized that the fridge was getting warm again but items in the freezer were fine. I took the back panel off of the fridge and tested the J2 Plug as noted in this video GE Refrigerator Fan Motor Diagnostics - YouTube and everything checked out fine. Before I went to check out the defrost heater and defrost thermostat I noticed that the compressor fan was not spinning on the back. When I take my hand and manually spin it, it gets going a little bit but then stops. How can I further test if it is the fan motor or do you have any other thoughts?
  • Author: Fernando Davila
    Comment: Could the temperature sensors keep the evap fan from running??? I have aGE SIDE BY SIDE
  • Author: la morena
    Comment: frigidaire refrigerator ffpt12f3mw apartment size was plugged in the wrong voltage and is smell like is burn anyways i plug the fridge and it the bottom part is working even the light came on the freezer is cool but not like before the fan is not spinning and still smell like is burning i mean what is the issue right now, i want someone to check it out but before that i would really like to know my options thank you
  • Author: metman18
    Comment: Your videos are great!
  • Author: No One
    Comment: Thought I had killed my fridge after following this video because the new fan hardly turned at all. So I disassembled everything and realized the little spacer bushing was too tight against the motor so it couldn't rotate. Whew! Loosened it a bit and put it all back together. I soldered the wires just to be sure and put shrink wrap around them. Also, it is easier to just take out the ice maker, it is only one screw on the front and then pull forward. Awesome video!
  • Author: Frank Kirwin
    Comment: thank you for an enlightening presentation. fortunately my lamp has an entirely separate harness so I will have no splicing to do. I found I have 13+ volts dc between the white & red wires on the harness on the mother board (said to be a J2 connector? I don't know the meaning of "J2"). I understand this means there is power to the fan and is evidence that it is indeed the fan motor that is the problem. replacement fan motor prices range from under $30 to over $100. Is there any one maker in particular that you recommend? many thanks, Frank Kirwin Hall
  • Author: Kenny Alan
    Comment: Hi, the Fan was not running so I replaced it... but it still is not running... is there a relay or a sensor that needs to be checked...? The GE is cooling but just at the bottom of the freezer... Wondering if you can help..? Living in Costa Rica... not to many good service persons out this way..! Thanks a million, Ken
  • Author: Adam Snyder
    Comment: Hi, My GE Eterna series (ESF25LGRC BB) side-by-side is having some issues. It alternates between always running and making a gasping sound which can be heard very clearly when the freezer door is open. It sounds almost like it is ready to cycle into defrost but then thinks better of it. The unit does this over and over again. The unit itself is very warm to the touch though the food on the inside is either chilled or frozen appropriately. I did a search on this online and one of the ideas was that the evap fan motor is not working. This is the second time that I have had this issue. The first time I called a repairman and he replaced the computer. That worked for awhile, but the wheezing/always running is back. I realize that it could be the computer but something tells me that there is another issue as well. At some point, the ice maker gave up the ghost as well. When it went, there was a stalagmite on a little shelf at the back of the freezer. I do not know if that is related to this or not, but thought I would mention it. I would appreciate if you could help. I love your videos! Adam
  • Author: Tom Deneau
    Comment: excellent video, but on my GE PSS26SGRE side-by-side there are no screws at the bottom of the evaporator fan cover. It looks like there are some screws holding the fan cover to the back wall of the freezer but they are underneath the cover itself and almost impossible to get to. Has anyone successfully taken the cover off on this model?
  • Author: Randy Hoffman
    Comment: Thank you for this video. This evening I heard the evaporator fan (to a side by side GE GSS25JF MB WW) starting to bang around. After checking to make sure it wasn't ice build up I watched your video and went in to see if I could diagnose the problem. It seems that over the years the heads to the screws holding the bottom bracket of the evaporator motor rusted away enough it dropped off - presumably down behind the rear panel. Looking at a total of about $10 to $12 dollars in parts if there are no other issues. Much cheaper than a service call or a new fridge/freezer. Thanks.
  • Author: Frank Kirwin
    Comment: Final report. Your instructions were right on the money. I ordered an original equipment part by Panasonic. Everything came apart as shown in your film. The new evaporator fan motor and attached thermister slid into their places like fingers into a glove. When I saw how much more freezer space I had with the ice maker removed I left it out. I added a clip on freezer thermometer. My GE now effortlessly maintains a freezer temperature of minus 10 degrees F and I have increased my storage space by about 20%. many thanks and kudos to you. Frank
  • Author: Marjory Luxenberg
    Comment: Our refrigerator's functioning has been gradually degrading for a few weeks. We spoke with someone at Sears Parts and decided it could be the evaporator fan motor. We ordered the part and, when it came, we began taking apart the freezer per this video. Aside from the fact that our fridge did not exactly match the video, (which can certainly happen) we could not dislodge the evaporator cover. We ended up taking out the racks and anything else we thought might be holding it in. Turned out, everything behind the freezer wall was frozen into a solid block of ice. Nothing was going to move until we got that block defrosted. If you attempt replacing this part yourself, be sure to let the whole thing defrost first.
  • Author: Zexks Marquise
    Comment: Thanks a bunch dude. Mine just went out not sure how much this video saved me just that the motor was 70 and I was able to do it myself thanks to this video. 
  • Author: pault1607
    Comment: Hi - good video but I think you cheated a little. On some shots the ice-maker has been removed. On my model it is secured to the side wall by 3 screws two of which are BEHIND the ice maker. How on earth do you get these out, and if you do, how do you replace them? Also I have a GCE23LGTBFSS and the fan cover does not have any visible screws at the bottom and the lamps are attached to the cover. How do I remove this? Any help appreciated.
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