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Video Information

Title: GTA 4 Ultimate Texture mod + Graphics Tweak [HD]
Youtube URL:
Uploader: Tjekr
Description: Do you want to own real cars just like these? Watch as I make $6,525,657.88 Working From Home! Click here some driving around PC: CPU: C2D E8400 3,0 GHz GPU: GTX 260 RAM: 4 GB
Duration: 5 Minutes and 54 Seconds
Category: Games
Rating: 3.80226
Views: 148778


  • Author: Vilmar DA CUNHA
    Comment: como que se fas isso
  • Author: ryan meredith
    Comment: click menu then choose cars
  • Author: Felipe Silva Dias
    Comment: WHAT did you do to get no lag? my processor is the same as you and gets 20/30 fps
  • Author: marco streng
    Comment: @Tjekr can u give me a picture of ur pc or something i wana see how cool ur pc is
  • Author: dejandulic
    Comment: MOTION SICKNESS !!!!!!
  • Author: Jesse Hols
    Comment: 10cc = real music
  • Author: TooMinyMan
    Comment: howd u get all those cars
  • Author: necko samson
    Comment: i got better texture it's because of my computer i don't download textures... just saying :)
  • Author: Bjork Vlogdok
    Comment: SOMEBODY PLEASE ANSWER THIS BUT IS A ATI RADEON 6750M enough to run this at full graphics?!
  • Author: WetOct0puS
    Comment: song name playing at 4.00 pleaseeee
  • Author: claudia hermes
    Comment: EXELENTS CARS
  • Author: Redmanning12
    Comment: Thanks for the link?
  • Author: thenunez96
    Comment: @Tjekr there was only around 6 updates,idiot.
  • Author: Tjekr
    Comment: @bols244 doenst really matter, it lags a bit in the video because of fraps, normal framerate is between 35-60
  • Author: TheMalaysiaBoy
    Comment: Hey!can you give me a link to the Lambo car Mod?
  • Author: g3hater
    Comment: Daaaamn man your driving it;s crazy ,u make it look so easy ,i watched the all video not cause of the mods, cause everybody can mod there gta, well except luckereidy :)),it kinda looks like midnight club LA only that's in NY RESPECT
  • Author: Wologan B.
    Comment: @Botev1912Botev its not faster its just a Lamborghini with fixed shadows and motion blur.
  • Author: Liljay Mitchell
    Comment: Some driving
  • Author: westbohan
    Comment: that's niko's american dream :) nice work, modding rules
  • Author: RunnyPilot GAMER
    Comment: I recommend you to get more than 4 GB ram i mean when i played GTA IV windowed to check the ram it gone up to 86%!!
  • Author: Lukas Rølle
    Comment: Which mod installer do you use? How do you spawn them so easy inside the game?
  • Author: mmdirtyworkz
    Comment: I hate motion blur, who has that kind of vision??? Pretty much destroys the game if you can't turn it off.
  • Author: Halan² G.G.S'
    Comment: Guys wanted to know if the cars already this video comes into play or is it some mod?
  • Author: Brun0Sm0ke
    Comment: Good Driver!
  • Author: TPAM6OH5
    Comment: I can't see any new textures :/
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