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Title: Homebirth Life begins.. GRAPHIC NATURAL: A Birth in Kyyboa ~
Youtube URL:
Uploader: Kyyboa Kyyboa
Description: !warning! *Children seek your parental supervision. parents be advised* Please be forewarned: there is human anatomy in natural situations depicted here as part of this real documentary. If you do not want to watch such real life experiences, please turn away now. Otherwise...........This is how Shylah Kyyboa was born. She is known as the Cybernetic-baby on youtube! [scenes of living beauty] stay tuned for a spiritual journey of awakening. We consider these things of a normal nature for sharing and understanding, this is the wonder of our existence here. It is merely what is universal and common to us all. The human spirit is refreshed by the bringing of new life! amen
Duration: 27 Minutes and 2 Seconds
Category: Nonprofit
Rating: 4.0985913
Views: 83959


  • Author: Lois Griffin
    Comment: Picture quality is so bad you can't tell what's going on lol
  • Author: Longest Video Ever
    Comment: how many babies can you deliver in one youtube video!?
  • Author: Natalia hdryu
    Comment: ewwwWW????
  • Author: Vincent Ravening
    Comment: picture qulaity is rubbish
  • Author: Best .ofYoutube
    Comment: We did it.
  • Author: Good Sense of Humor
    Comment: first!
  • Author: jamilone13
    Comment: wow did you get a 1950s video camara because you couldnt barley see what was going on but congrates on your baby
  • Author: FreeGiraffes
    Comment: Amazing and free. like the movie Born Free.
  • Author: heironymous
    Comment: woah, dude
  • Author: picsmics4
    Comment: on the other hand, how many youtube videos does it take to deliver one baby?
  • Author: MicroCANDY Baby GUM
    Comment: ani raev.
  • Author: jamilone13
    Comment: wow great quilty of the home birth video did you guys have a 1950 camara you couldnt barly see anything but congrates on your baby
  • Author: Everybody Every1
    Comment: @SuperLipglosslover Yes it's called labor. Ever done that?
  • Author: Everybody Every1
    Comment: @100rrh Unfortunately, the file we have is a second generation copy. We transferred from tape to digital. So for now, this is the best. Hopefully with more funding, we will do a better job in the future.
  • Author: Everybody Every1
    Comment: @jamilone13 no, if you reead the description, one problem was the lighting, it started before sunrise. Dark settings will produce low resolution video.
  • Author: Everybody Every1
    Comment: @anomynous270 make it more intersting and artistic.
  • Author: greathomes
    Comment: This is absolutely intense and beautiful. Congrats to the Mommy and daddy and the baby. have a great home!
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