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Title: Singh Kaur- Aad Guray Nameh Meditation
Youtube URL:
Uploader: KhalsaSoulja
Description: Waheguru Jee Ka Khalsa, Waheguru Jee Ki Fateh (The Khalsa belongs to God & to God alone belongs Victory) I had uploaded this video several years ago but then somehow it managed to go from 10minutes to 3 seconds? Anyway as this meditation has not been uploaded by anyone else i was compelled to share it with the YouTube sangat (community). If you choose to do this meditation and recite these holy words make sure you cover your head before starting. This is mandatory as you are reciting Gurbani (The Sikh Gurus holy words) Waheguru Jee Ka Khalsa, Waheguru Jee Ki Fateh (The Khalsa belongs to God & to God alone belongs Victory) ________________________________________ Meaning of the meditation- Aad Guray Nameh (I bow to the Primal Wisdom) Jugaad Guray Nameh I bow to the Wisdom through the Ages. Sat Guray Nameh (I bow to the True Wisdom) Siri Guru Devay Nameh (I bow to the great, unseen Wisdom) "When you cannot be protected, this mantra shall protect you. When things stop, and wont move, this makes them move in your direction." -Yogi Bhajan
Duration: 9 Minutes and 47 Seconds
Category: Education
Rating: 4.9511003
Views: 128910


  • Author: TheDoroti79
    Comment: exelent:)
  • Author: Serendipitous1971
    Comment: It is a shame that this discussion has gone private since it would have been nice to keep it open so as to enlighten more of us :-( Some great questions being asked and beautiful answers being given :-) Wahe Guru - I am a Sikh btw
  • Author: starflyin0206
    Comment: thank you for the great voice , OM
  • Author: Cumie Music
    Comment: very nice
  • Author: Sukhbir Singh
    Comment: She was a sikh at the time! However, she has a very ancient soul and some of her music is from the Celts tradition. Either way each path leads to GOD/CREATOR source. I absolutely love her divinity, purity, and prosperity. Sometimes when someone is pure enough GOD/Music flows directly through without any obstructions.
  • Author: S Mart
    Comment: 9' 46" minutes of magic. Just perfect.
  • Author: Eliane Zanatelli
    Comment: lindo!!
  • Author: fullfaithinlife
    Comment: soo beautiful like an angel
  • Author: robertdegiro
    Comment: thanks for some minutes in heaven
  • Author: fafy's
    Comment: Thanks! Obrigada pela sua linda voz e boa vibração. Muita Luz querida Singh Kaur, esteja onde estiver!
  • Author: Son_Of_Man
    Comment: This is (REAL) beautiful music.!
  • Author: Lichtfunke100
    Comment: Oh God, this Song is wonderful - is joy and love. thank you my Sisters and Brother. God bless you see you Lichtfunke 100 by youtube - please - thank you
  • Author: Topo Tamoder
    Comment: alahaley, iory
  • Author: Liza Galvão
    Comment: belissimo
  • Author: lionheartsingh1
    Comment: wahe guru wahe guru wahe guru!!
  • Author: GirlinaDoll
    Comment: Wonderful ..... thanks for sharing!
  • Author: Serendipitous1971
    Comment: Truly inexplicable angelic voice - a true gift :-) Wahe Guru
  • Author: Kaptaan
    Comment: Singh Kaur's voice is so enchanting, she really captures the emotion and love Guru Nanak had for Waheguru Ji and for humanity.
  • Author: MrTeapotpilot
    Comment: OM.
  • Author: Marta Motger
    Comment: Tanto lo que dice el escito como las canciones son una pasada. Muchas gracias por habermelo enviado. Marta Motger
  • Author: Visas Canada
  • Author: Sieglinde Kinser
    Comment: Love it 
  • Author: Lourdes Ruiz
    Comment: Hermosa vos no tengo ni idea de lo k canta y me yega asta el corazon simplenente Hermoso
  • Author: ishta
    Comment: Still the best even with the current talented crop of Sikh and Kundalini Yoga artists
  • Author: Gurpreet Kaur
    Comment: Wow just beautiful, Guru Ji's kirpa has blown me away. Vaheguru.
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