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Uploader: isirelibeqa
Description: KO IRA NA VUDA
Duration: 4 Minutes and 2 Seconds
Category: Music
Rating: 4.864865
Views: 46753


  • Author: ilai raka
    Comment: Kai-means where you come from/your origin/people group - Viti is the name known to Fijians as Fiji called today. Captain Cook wrongfully wrote Fiji pronounced wrongly by a Tonga ...they call our land Fisi ..He wrote Fiji so there you go its now known officially as Fiji. But we call our people KaiViti ...but if you want to know more about the meaning behind Viti ...its a long story ...anyway hope that answered your question.
  • Author: KoiNadi
    Comment: Vakaduaaaaaa!! O Cei Beka na matasere qo? Vinaka Vaka Levu na Upload koto me.
  • Author: ilai raka
    Comment: @redecloudizatio must be some very dark asian,,,lol!
  • Author: Jason Black
    Comment: Love it!!!
  • Author: HamoRoots
  • Author: shamus204
    Comment: wananavu man abit of fijian history in 4 mins......cheers man
  • Author: Vantastic Vakatale
  • Author: VAKA VITI
    Comment: isa au luluvu tale ena sere qo...vinaka vakalevu the photo bro...
  • Author: Nelson Boso
    Comment: As a former resident of Suva in the 70s and 80s am flabbergasted with the richness of Fijian island music. I still listen to Cripple Serenaders. Love them with my heart even if they had all gone home.
  • Author: redecloudizatio
    Comment: @islandmajic proven wrong by who? where exactly did we come from t hen? Kerekere don't tell me the American anthropologists traced our roots to Asia. Fijian tell stories in the old days via lyrics of chants, not songs. And the song is a remake of a chant sang by the tokatoka wasavulu long before the arrival of white men. Anthropologists based their conclusions on fragmented scattered materials they can get their hands on, or similarity in language, but hey, look at the English language,...
  • Author: Pauline443
    Comment: wailei o bui Savulu!!!!!! dau cudrucudru
  • Author: sakiusad
    Comment: Wananavu sara ga, dede au qai mai rogoca tale na sere oqo.
  • Author: Lykes Quinn
    Comment: issaaa vanannu i VT
  • Author: Carlos Bolakoso
    Comment: Isaaa..This is the Namatakula String Band...recorded at Bill Beddoes Studio in Nadi...ukalele played by Jim Sivowale (who sang with Lucky Dube in Suva) this song..vina valevu djina!
  • Author: isirelibeqa
    Comment: @sallysaulachan enjoy
  • Author: fijismack
    Comment: This is traditional Fijian songs at its best. I hope that more of its type will be uploaded. Bravo to the Kabu kei Vuda. So exceptional in the historical contents and the way it's sung.
  • Author: Phil O
    Comment: @ajifiboy It's OK, enjoy the music. it is history. A fine and proud people. Bula Bula!!
  • Author: islander461
    Comment: VINAKA NA SERE.
  • Author: bdawaqa
    Comment: whats good about fijian they know where their ancestors come 4rm
  • Author: kaimara26076
    Comment: Authentically Beutifull.Love it..........!
  • Author: tonganerd1
    Comment: beautiful
  • Author: hiphopSxyDiva
    Comment: Question...Are native fijans decendents of africa? 
  • Author: samson dakuwaqa
    Comment: matata tiko , isa nananu
  • Author: marisela kawau
    Comment: God bless our beloved country Fiji.... 
  • Author: DONATI Gelio
    Comment: please someone can to write the lyrics of this beautiful fijian song! vely nice!!thank you vely much!!;-)
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