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Welcome to AniSpectre's channel. The following is a list of videos uploaded by AniSpectre. Displaying results 1-20 of 15.

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    Duration: 3:56
  2. Peril scene from a spoof movie

    Duration: 1:15
    Description: Peril scene from the movie "O escorpiao escarlate" (1990)...
  3. "Old surehand" D.i.D. scene

    Duration: 1:25
  4. "Die wüstenrose" hanging scene

    Duration: 1:27
  5. "Big bird cage" dog feeding scene

    Duration: 1:05
  6. Burning scene

    Duration: 2:06
    Description: Burning at stake scene from the movie "The saga of the viking women and their...
  7. Drowning scene

    Duration: 0:38
    Description: "Walking the plank" scene from the movie "The goonies". All rights are owned by Warner...
  8. "Anna and the king of Siam" burning scene

    Duration: 2:45
  9. Burning scene

    Duration: 3:04
    Description: Scene from movie "The city of the dead" a.k.a. "Horror hotel" All rights have been claimed...
  10. Burning scene

    Duration: 2:29
    Description: Burning at stake scene from the movie "Riti, magie nere e segrete orge nel trecento"...
  11. "Lager di sterminio" hanging scene

    Duration: 2:57
  12. "Viva Maria" rifling scene

    Duration: 1:57
  13. "Long kiss goodnight" drowning scene

    Duration: 2:36
  14. "Taras bulba" burning scene

    Duration: 1:08
  15. "Z pekla stestí" hanging scene

    Duration: 2:37

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